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Gypsum Plaster (One Coat) Gypsum Casting Plaster / Moulding Plaster
Purity (whiteness) 98.00% 98.00%
Fitness Mesh 250, Residue 3% Mesh 270, Residue1%
Setting Time Initial Final 12-15 min 24-30 min 10-15 min 28-35 min
Bending Strength(Dry) 50 kg/Cm 62 kg/Cm
Composition Strength (Dry) 105 kg/Cm 135 kg/Cm
Dry Bulk Density 750 kg/m 735 kg/m

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  • .
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Physical Details

Mesh 200
Witness 95 %
Packing 25 kgs
Type of Bag pp Laminated
Setting time
Initial 5 - 7 minutes
Final 12 - 15 minutes
Powder water ratio 1:0.7
Modulus of Rupture ( Kg/cm2 ) 75
Fluidity ( cm ) 23
Max ( Gypsum / 100g water ) 1.62
Setting time 7 - 15 Minutes

Chemical Analysis

Sulphur Trioxide SO3 52.09%
Calcium Oxide CaO 40.18 %
Soluble magnesium salt expressed as MgO 0.061%
Soluble sodium salt expressed as Na2O 0.004%
Loss of ignition (LOI) 5.06%
Free lime 0.014%

Product Details:

Place of Origin Tamilnadu, India
Size 200 - 250 mesh
Application Architectural paint
Shape Powder
Plaster Ceiling flowers

  • Ceiling flowers come in a variety of designs and add a stylish finish to any ceiling. We have different types and styles of ceiling flowers.
  • When choosing a ceiling flowers consider the ceiling height & room size.
  • There are also matching smaller & larger diameters with the same patterns.
  • These are to help you to choose the correct style of ceiling flower to suit your home.
  • You can also choose by style or pattern which helps if you are trying to match a cornice style or pattern in a room.
  • Choose a plaster ceiling flowers from our beautiful range displayed here.

  • We sell different kind of normal and ultra channels for false ceiling and gypsum partition work for the customers and contractor needs.
  • We sell high quality of ultra channels, joint tapes, screws,connecting clips and other accessories for competitive price.